Do 3DFS products comply with certifications such as UL, CE, etc

Our core technology is to synchronize and balance power in Real-Time as if flows. We can presently build products today for any voltage in line with any country’s National Electric Code with this precise functionality and more. Each of those products will need to undergo certifications (i.e. NEC, UL, CE, etc.) as they become market ready solutions. All of our products are designed to code and will receive the proper certifications for their use in the market without question.

The VectorQ2 is no different. The present model is version 15.3 and is in line for CE and UL certification.

Important Note
It is frequently highlighted that UL certification of power electronics can be a difficult and time consuming process. This is primarily due to the fact that modern power electronics design requires the consumption of a massive amount of power within the circuitry. For some perspective, a 60kW correction device using modern power electronics methodology will consume about 60kW of power. The spacing and circuitry carrying such large amounts of power require an exhaustive amount of meticulous scrutiny for safety purposes.

The power electronics within the VectorQ2 power controller are radically different and orders of magnitude more efficient with power than modern methods of power electronics design. For 60kW of correction, the VectorQ2 consumes an average of 70W of power, or the amount consumed by a typical laptop computer. Meeting the certification requirements for UL, CE, etc. at this level of power consumption is much easier and faster.