Do you have any data?



I like the idea of this technology. However, your website makes lots of vague claims. Do you have any data to show to demonstrate the benefits of your technology? Either from the lab or a real world demonstration? I understand that you don’t want to reveal proprietary information, but it should be fairly easy to provide data on what your technology does without showing exactly how it does it. For instance, you claim that " the 3DFS BMS oftentimes doubles the battery output, number of cycles, charging/discharging rates, and depth of discharge for nearly any battery when compared to the present market BMS methodology." Please show some data to demonstrate what these claims mean and to verify what your technology can do.



Initially we thought that the data would be enough to explain why synchronized electricity is important. We even created a Vimeo page to show the results of SDE in Real-Time, rather than on a report. In reality, experiencing Software-Defined Electricity in a familiar environment with 3rd party instruments observing is the best option.

Here is a download link to a Data Center Server Rack Analysis that we completed in 2016. We went into a Tier 4 data center and cycled SDE ON/OFF in a live server rack for 20 minutes and then compiled the data to show the difference in operation.

The battery research that we do at the moment is all paid research for clients. We will post when we are able to share.