Is Bitcoin Mining a good application, or what?


Data centers have been mentioned as one commercial application that has readily realizable cost savings.

Companies building out these data centers have deep pockets and are good, central targets for 3DFS sales. It would seem that Bitcoin mining centers similarly are deeply invested in the marginal cost of operation, and would be a terrific match for this technology.

Moreover, bitcoin mines are being built anew wherever electricity is cheap. If your technology can give a marginal advantage in spite of the already lower prices, it would be a terrific advertisement, and a great counter argument to the claim that bitcoin is “wasteful.”

Has a sales team worked with any new or existing mines? Could we get more numbers? I might like to investigate this myself.


You are correct that 3DFS Technology would be a good fit for bitcoin mines regarding energy consumption, improved miner performance and utility penalty reduction.

We have discussed the possibility with many bitcoin mining operations and have reviewed countless power network design schematics and power bills because of the similarity to data centers.

In reviewing all of this, we have determined that there are significant differences between data centers and bitcoin mining operations in terms of redundancy, hvac/cooling, energy storage and back up power and uptime requirements.

This combination of requirements makes the Return on Investment for data centers a no brainer, but presently puts it out of reach for the average bitcoin mining operations.

As we ramp up manufacturing, we can lower the price and open more markets and this is certainly one that will benefit greatly.