What are the 26 parameters being measured/derived within the SDE system?



We do not maintain a list of the 26 parameters that are being measured/derived.

Current and voltage are being sampled in 24 bit resolution at MHz frequencies, and the 2 dozen other channels are instantly sampling and deriving values in the same 24 bit resolution at MHz frequencies. The model is fed this error free, high resolution data.

In the videos on vimeo.com/3dfs, the upper right hand chart shows some of the parameters, which are traditional electricity related categories (active power, reactive power, THD, power factor, etc. The device also calculates the impedance between the source and each load and numerous other important values.

These parameters are internal to the computing system and required to perform Real-Time synchronization in the way that we do it. This data does not leave the device. It would be impossible to remove that amount of data over a standard internet connection. This process is all edge computing and acquires, processes, and feeds the model at the nanosecond level so that it can instantly perform a corrective action at the stroke of the microsecond and then immediately overwrite the data as the process prepares for the next microsecond.

The data that leaves the device is only reporting data on the device and power network and can be defined by the client.