What is meant by "Digital Measurement of Electricity"?



3DFS Technology is sampling 26 discrete current and voltage data points every 6-7 nanoseconds on each phase, neutral and ground, through a precision, software controlled oversampling methodology. The proprietary data acquisition process, acquires and distills to a perfect, error free digital mimic of the analog signal nanoseconds after it is sensed.

This digital, high fidelity stream of Real-Time electricity data is the complete picture of electricity flow and is the foundational data stream that allows for Software-Defined Electricity to perform correction.

The technological ability of software controlled oversampling electricity data can also be embedded into electronics and controls systems for Real-Time feedback on operations. Constant self-monitoring of the electrical consumption patterns provides an element of self-awareness because of the immediate feedback provided by the pattern or amount of electricity consumed.

This is the ideal data stream to use to build a model of operation, allowing the device to operate in true Real-Time with precise and accurate responses guaranteed. Incorporating additional sensors to the model for the control system further enhances the environmental awareness and capabilities.